Our Services

Evaluation Planning

Evaluation Specialists helps you craft an evaluation plan that fits your circumstances and resources. This can include designing logic models and theories of change, working with stakeholders to understand their evaluation goals, and finding funding.

Evaluation Design

Our team creates plans that meet your goals in culture-, gender- and equity-appropriate ways. We design quantitative and quantitative evaluations, and mixed methods approaches using both.   We are experienced designing experimental, quasi-experimental and cross-sectional studies.


We have experience selecting, developing, pilot-testing, and validating measures and instruments.

Data Collection

We collect both qualitative and quantitative data through methods such as focus groups, key informant interviews, facilitated group processes, observations, storytelling, Photovoice, paper questionnaires and online surveys.

Qualitative Analysis

Our experts conduct traditional content analysis as well as real-time analysis.  We also employ methods to identify qualitatively-identified subgroups, and quantify qualitative findings.

Statistical Analysis

Our team performs a broad range of data analyses.  These include single- and multi-level, and repeated measures analyses; subgroup identification and comparison; social network analysis; and matching methods.

Program Improvement

We conduct needs assessments, literature reviews, and formative evaluations to provide data-informed, actionable recommendations.  We engage your stakeholders to inspire data-informed improvements.

Program Impact

Evaluation Specialists helps you understand program effectiveness by analyzing key outcomes, participant and provider satisfaction, and implementation fidelity.


We can produce multi-media and professionally designed reports, presentations, and peer-reviewed publications.  Reports match the interests and characteristics of the target audience.

Evaluative Approaches

Evaluation Specialists grounds our work in frameworks such as equitable, principles-based, utilization-focused, and systems evaluation.  We can work with clients to develop evaluative rubrics that answer the questions of program effect in a way that is both clear and relevant.

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