Covid-19 Vaccination Survey Package

Many organizations and businesses want to understand and address employee Covid-19 vaccine indifference and hesitancy.  Evaluation Specialists has created a package to help organizations learn how much vaccine reluctance exists in their workforce and receive guidance on evidence-informed strategies for addressing it.

The package is tailored to an organization’s context.  It first involves a workforce survey about vaccination status, barriers to getting vaccinated, potentially effective motivators, and opinions about vaccine mandates.  Evaluation Specialist analyzes the data and creates a tailored report about your workplace.  The report includes recommendations about possible strategies to encourage vaccination.

The survey and recommendations are informed by research on how people make health decisions and on methods showing promise on other health behaviors.  The Evaluation Specialists team brings career-long experience studying health decision-making and behavior to this task.

Our goal has been to create this package with pricing that offers a good return on investment.  This offering is available immediately at a cost of:

  • $4,800 for an organization with 250 or fewer employees
  • $6,800 for 251-500 employees
  • $8,800 for over 500 employees

What can I expect?

  1. You would first work with a PhD-level evaluator to confidentially survey your employees about their vaccination status, concerns, and plans
  2. You then receive a tailored, brief report recommending vaccination-motivating approaches most likely to work in your setting(s)

For an additional cost, we can:

  1. Conduct followup interviews with up to eight key employees to obtain more in-depth insights ($360 per employee)
  2. Facilitate a one-hour meeting with leadership and Human Resources personnel to create a strategic plan that will encourage vaccination among your employees ($960)
  3. Conduct a brief followup survey to evaluate your vaccination plan’s effectiveness ($1,950 for 250 or fewer employees, $2,400 for 251-500 employees, and $2,800 for over 500 employees)

We would welcome the opportunity to have a 15-minute phone conversation with you about your employee vaccination challenges, what you need to know to create a strategy and maximize its success, and how our skilled and experienced team can help.

Contact us for more information or to set up a time to talk to determine whether this package is a good fit for your business or organization.

Jan Vanslyke, PhD, MSW
Founder and Co-owner

Blair Beadnell, PhD

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